Math-research programmer available for hire

Math-researcher working on the Grassmann-Clifford-Hestenes geometric algebra available for hire

Please send me a private message if you are interested in hiring or know of any relevant opportunities

You can also donate to my liberapay to support my free-software math-research efforts


we are looking for a research type to work on converting matlab protoype code using Julia Jumpx Optimization libraries. you can contact us on contact_at_fliteplan_dot_net

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would you be able to convert matlab code in to Julia?

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greetings, I have matlab experience, we can discuss that in a private message I have sent.

Fellow Julians, I am yet still available for hire, please consider supporting my Grassmann.jl project.

Support me on or at

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Please consider donating to it, I have put thousands of hours of work into it (using my free time) and I intend on adding many more features and enhancements, which costs me a lot of energy and time.