How can I preview the weave code?

I started learning weave, for create Documentation using Julia.
I can not see the preview in the Atom editor (I have the language-weave installed, and Julia too).

Is there another way to see the preview, maybe another editor/IDE?

Thank you,


The VS Code Julia extension supports weave preview. But, I think it should also actually work in Juno, if I’m not mistaken.

Hi, David Anthoff!

Thank you very much for your help!
I will try out this editor.


Please provide some more info than

I can not see the preview

What happens when you click on one of the toolbar buttons or use the Weave To Pdf/Weave to Html commands?

Its happens nothing when I click on the botton (the arrow). I never used the commands…

You need to use one of the lower two buttons that say Weave HTML or Weave PDF.

Hi, pfitzseb!

There are not these two buttons for me…
But thank you very much for your help!

Then you’re either not on the latest version of language-weave or something went wrong during installation (assuming you do have the tool-bar package installed).
language-weave's readme also has a picture of how everything should look like.