[ANN] Makie 0.17.x

Hi everybody,

The last Makie announcement post was a while ago and even if 0.17 and following patch versions have been out for a little bit, I think some changes are worth highlighting again, in no particular order:

  • GLMakie has experimental support for multiple open windows at the same time.
  • The default font of Makie has changed from Dejavu Sans to a customized variant of TeX Gyre Heros, which is a free lookalike of Arial or Helvetica, hopefully helping to achieve professional-looking plots more easily.

Example now:

Example before:

  • There’s a space attribute now which allows to, for example, put a scatter dot at 130px,250px for example, or at 0.25,0.5 fractions of an Axis. This can be quite helpful for annotations.
  • Blocks like Axis and Colorbar were refactored and while most of that is in the background, one nice side effect is that wrong keyword args error now instead of being swallowed silently.
  • New SliderGrid block that is easier to handle than the old labelslidergrid! function.
  • Heavy plot objects can be rasterized separately in CairoMakie vector graphics to reduce file sizes.
  • Statistical recipes can be passed weights now.
  • text/Labels support basic line wrapping based on a user specified maximum width now
  • Axis has subtitles now
  • Better LaTeXString look with the move to MathTeXEngine v0.4
  • A new raincloud plot recipe
  • hlines!, vlines!, hspan!, vspan! and abline! were reimplemented as recipes so they can be used in AlgebraOfGraphics now
  • And of course many other smaller bugfixes and improvements!

Thanks a lot to all contributors! If you want more information about the specific changes check the news page of the documentation where links to all individual PRs are listed.




This deserves a figure too, I guess.


Didn’t have one handy :slight_smile: if someone else has a good example, please post below


Just to make sure, does CairoMakie.jl inherit by default from those enhancements?


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Yes, most improvements are for all backends