Makie theming axis on specific plot recipes

Is there a way to theme the Axis in makie for specific recipes differently. My specific use-case is that I would like to reverse the y axis and make the aspect use DataAspect but only for image plots. The ideal way that does not work unfortunately is:

using GLMakie

theme = Theme(
    Image = (
       interpolate = false,
       axis = (aspect = DataAspect(), yreversed = true,),

What I ended up using is to redefine the image function, but this works only when plotting a single image and not on a predefined Axis:

using Makie

image_plot_options = (;interpolate=false,
                             yreversed = true,)
image(opts...) = Makie.image(opts...; image_plot_options...)

Is there a way to do this using the provided theming by makie or a better way to imitate the desired outcome even when the axis is predefined?