Makie change axis appearance in plot recipe

Is there a way to change the axis appearance in a plot recipe?
Suppose I have

@recipe(MyPlot, x, y) do scene
        plot_color = :red

function AbstractPlotting.plot!(plot::MyPlot)
    # normal plotting code, building on any previously defined recipes
    # or atomic plotting operations, and adding to the combined `plot`:
    lines!(plot, rand(10), color = plot[:plot_color])
    plot!(plot, plot[:x], plot[:y])

    return plot

Is it possible to for example remove the grid lines or change the axis labels when calling myplot([1, 2, 3], [1, 2, 3])? I tried grabbing the parent scene with s = plot.parent, but s[Axis] is nothing.

What am I doing wrong?