Simple GUI elements on plot

Matlab provides tools to build simple GUI applications, i.e., plot with a slider or edit box to change a parameter and observe results. What would be the equivalent package for julia, not requiring installing electron or learning toolkits like GTK?

Probably ?

Isn’t that Electron-based?

Yes, although I’d say it’s browser based and Electron is one option :wink:
I guess you’re best bet is Makie & MakieLayout atm:

Makie doesn’t work without GPU

Depends on what you mean by GPU?
It works with super old onboard GPUs…The only difficulty is a headless server, but I just recently found out that the software mode on newest Mesa works pretty well:

If you really can’t use anything OpenGL based, don’t want to use Gtk and no browser tech, I’m afraid the number of frameworks you can use will come close to 0 in most languages.

VegaLite.jl also has support for simple UI elements that trigger interactive stuff. This part of the docs goes into more detail.

Again Electron or browser, doesn’t seem to work standalone

Well, you need something to display things, there is no way around that. You can install and then VegaLite.jl will use that to display things, and you should not need to configure or install anything manually.

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