GUI + Makie

Hi every one.
I have build a nice set of functions for my work to process some data. Most of the processing is done by this functions but there is a lot of plotting involve.

I would like to merge all the plotting (Done by Makie and InteractiveViz.jl) to a GUI where I can menus to call my functions (then input parameters somehow) and buttons to load and write data.

Something simple but effective. Any idea of where should I start? I know Makie has some basic GUI functions but I do not know if I can have drop-down menus, buttons and inputs, etc.

Thanks in advance!



Thanks @jules. This should get me started :slight_smile:

Hi @jules. I am a bit stuck. Do you have any examples? The ones on the web are not really helping me out

You have to tell me what you tried and where you’re stuck if you want help, I won’t guess :slight_smile:

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Let me clean it up and post it here

I have a package to load MRI datasets and look at them in 3D: GitHub - aTrotier/MRI3DViewer.jl
Maybe you can find some inspiration in it