Makie - Setting `zlims!` on an `Axis3` sets `ylims!` instead

Hi! I’m having some weird issues making 3D plots with Makie.jl. Consider the following mockup:

fig = Figure(; resolution = (600, 600))
ax = fig[1, 1] = Axis3(fig)
xlims!(ax, (0., 10.))  # works perfectly
ylims!(ax, (0., 20.))  # works perfectly
zlims!(ax, (0., 30.))  # always sets ylims instead

I also tried using limits!, as well as passing the limits to the Axis3 constructor. All methods resulted in the same: modifying the z-axis limits sets y-axis limits. I’m using Julia 1.6.1 with GLMakie v0.4.2. Any help is appreciated.

That’s fixed on master, but hasn’t been tagged yet, since we’re preparing a breaking version… We’ll try to tag today!