How to set axis limits in 3D plots

For the code below, how do I set the axis limits to be same for all axes:

using CairoMakie
temp = [15 21 18 17; 15 12 11 18; 20 20 20 22]
fig, axis, plot = scatter(temp[1,:], temp[2,:], temp[3,:])
xlabel!(axis.scene, "data-1")
ylabel!(axis.scene, "data-2")
zlabel!(axis.scene, "data-3")

I need all axis limits to be between 0 and 35. I tried xlims!(0,35) , and so on but it doesn’t seem to work. Because the data in the z-dimension varies just between 20 and 22, the plot looks flat, which is not what I want. Any help in this regard is appreciated. Thanks!!

I would try Axis3 if you want to scale each dimension independently. You can get it and set manual limits via axis = (; type = Axis3, limits = (... passed to the plotting function