Makie.jl: Axis3() reverse limits don't work

I am attempting to create a plot that has x = longitude, y=latitude, and z= depth. Since z = 0 is the surface, I need to reverse the limits (e.g. zlims!() ). Although this works perfectly for Axes(), it does not for Axis3().

From the manual

limits!(ax::Axis3, x1, x2, y1, y2, z1, z2)
Set the axis x-limits to x1 and x2 and the y-limits to y1 and y2.
If limits are ordered high-low, this reverses the axis orientation.

Instead, when I try to get my z-axis to be reversed, I get an error:
Invalid z-limits as zlims[1] <= zlims[2] is not met for (100.0f0, 0.0f0).

I get this error for any limits I attempt to set in Axis3, whether x,y,or z.
I do not have this issue in regular 2D Axis() 2D plots where I can set the ylimits to be reversed…

I noticed that the ‘reverses’ have been commented out in xlims, ylims, and zlims in: Makie.jl/axis3d.jl at master · JuliaPlots/Makie.jl · GitHub

Was there a reason for this? Is there a better/more elegant way to reverse axes in Axis3()?