Makie markercolor magic

I’m fishing a little here, but yesterday I loaded up a bunch of data in a StructArray and made a scatterline plot scatterlines(field1, markercolor = field2) and it worked and I couldn’t believe how awesome everything was. Today I foolishly messed around with which packages were in my project.toml and updated packages and when I run that line of code that produced my nice plot yesterday today it says it can’t convert Vector{Float32} to Union{RGBA…} etc field2 is actually of type UInt8 and field1 is Float32

I basically understand the error, but that code worked yesterday (as is arguably how it should work) – I’m hoping maybe someone more familiar with Makie’s development might be able to explain that some recent release changed the behavior or something because otherwise I can’t figure out what magic disappeared to cause it to fail now (or maybe to tell me the results from yesterday were weird and shouldn’t have worked).

The type conversion in scatterlines is to strict to allow anything but concrete color types. Fix color conversion in scatterlines by ffreyer · Pull Request #2691 · MakieOrg/Makie.jl · GitHub fixes that

It got changed about a year ago, so you probably updated from a rather old version of Makie.