Permute x and y axes of a `Makie.Axis`

This example shows how to reverse the direction of the x- and y-axis. However, I am interested in plotting the first coordinate of data along the vertical axis, and the second coordinate of data along the horizontal axis, in effect swapping x and y.

Said differently, I would like something so that

using Makie: Figure, Axis, lines!
fig = Figure()
ax = Axis(fig[1, 1]) # some code here to modify `ax`
lines!(ax, [(0,0), (0, 1)])

produces a horizontal line, instead of a vertical line.

I am aware that I could instead plot [(0, 0), (1, 0)], but I am looking for an alternative to that.

Not possible with Axis, it’s just been too much work to make that whole machinery flexible enough to flip the axes. With a simple Scene it’s possible to flip the transform.

Thanks for the reply. I have been playing around with transforming parts of the scene graph (e.g. the code at and was trying now to figure out if I can modify the transform of a camera.

Is it possible to flip the whole Scene (in my example fig.scene, I believe)? And separately, is it possible to keep the text aligned?

fig.scene.children[1].camera.projection does not affect the whole axis, but just the contents, I think. Is there anything else I could play around with?