Makie: How to save images as CMYK?

I make images using Makie and save them as follows:

save(“myimage.pdf”, fig)

I don’t know whether this line saves the image as RGB or CMYK.

I want to save as CMYK.

How to do it?

Makie uses RGB internally and I think Cairo does as well, so I wouldn’t know how to get CMYK. Might be that Cairo doesn’t even support it.

I think you should be able to use ‘save(“test.png”, CMYK.(colorbuffer(fig)))’… Can’t check the it right now if that’s the correct color name, but Colors.jl should have some CMYK color type… And you may need Makie.colorbuffer(fig.scene)

There’s an open issue for it … Support for CMYK colorspaces · Issue #264 · JuliaGraphics/Colors.jl · GitHub