Makie: how to avoid dropdown menus overlapping?


Here’s a MWE of a Makie Figure with two dropdown menus.

f = Figure()
f[1,1] = Menu(f, options = ["aaa", "bbb", "ccc"])
f[2,1] = Menu(f, options = ["aaa", "bbb", "ccc"], direction = :up)

You’ll notice that when opening the top one, the options appear below the bottom selector.
When opening the bottom one, the menu is above the top one. Which makes me believe that this is caused by the order in which they have been added in the Figure.
How do I make both menus open on top of the rest of the figure ?

While I’m here, I have a second question : Why does the blue selection coloring stays on when I close the menus ?

Ah I probably increased the z value of the menus, but they all have the same, so insertion order wins. I should change this so z is only increased in the open state. And the blue coloring sound like a small bug