Makie.jl Menu items clipped away by figure border

I currently try to use Menus in a Makie figure, which are layouted to the bottom of the figure. This leads to some items not being visible doe to the border of the figure. Is there any option I have missed to either force the Menu to be layouted to the top of the figure, or - better - make the Menu scrollable?

Minimal example:

fig = Figure()
m = Menu(fig[1,1]; options = string.(1:15))

Thanks for your help in advance

I’ve been wanting to fix that for a while. There is the direction = :up attribute but it is buggy on master, it seems. I’m fixing it here, with that PR, menus at the bottom will automatically be opened to the top. jk/menu auto direction by jkrumbiegel · Pull Request #1057 · JuliaPlots/Makie.jl · GitHub

Great, thanks for your work on that.