Slider or drop menus in Makie

probably the following is too much to ask, but could someone please take a look at this and see if it is possible to add two drop menus for l and m, or two sliders, either will be fine. I tried to follow the documentation but I’m not getting something. Thanks.

Probably @jules or @ffreyer [sorry for the tag].

I made an example here:

This is how it looks:

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Thank you, that’s exactly what I was aiming for. Although the documentation is pretty clear nowadays, I still struggle with the lifts and Nodes.

It’s always helpful to start at the top. What are your parameters that everything depends on? Here that’s l and m, so make those Nodes. Then lift everything that depends on them and feed that to the plotting functions. Sometimes one has to be a bit clever with the order of operations, or to avoid misaligned array lengths in observables etc, but that’s it. Then at the end, connect your slider or whatever to the initial parameter observables to change them.

I see. Thank you.
By the way, currently there is not such a thing like label = "l", labelcolor = :white in the Slider, i.e.

Slider(fig, range = 1:10, startvalue = 4, label = "l", labelcolor = :white)

yeah that’s because the label could in theory go anywhere, so I didn’t want to add it to the slider. There’s labelslider! though which makes a Slider with two corresponding Labels. API Reference MakieLayout · Makie Plotting Ecosystem

yeah, I saw that. Although I think it makes sense to have also the title in the slider call, Interact.jl gives those as default [with some common places for the position of such label], or you can specify them at the time of definition. At least that’s my previous experience with this kind of situations.