Makie create_app Font display is not normal

Both the original PC and the target PC platform are win10 64-bit

Makie (on the original PC) uses PackageCompiler to create an app and migrate it to a PC without a network (on the target PC), it will prompt

Download error RequestError:

then the font will become like this, which is much different from normal.


My solution is

1.Check whether the font file Sgycutgui\share\julia\makie\v1_texture_atlas_2048_64.bin exists in my app package path, and it does exist

2.tried to copy the v1_texture_atlas_2048_64.bin file of the original PC and replace the v1_texture_atlas_2048_64.bin file of the target PC, but it did not solve the problem and the display effect was still abnormal

Hm it’s not just the font that’s different, also the stroke of the textbox. Which looks like something in the signed distance field shader pipeline is different on that PC, maybe driver related? @ffreyer maybe?