The "first post" tips needs to be more visible and possibly emailed to new users

I can’t seem to find the pinned “here’s how to make a good post here” topic. I keep losing it and can’t remember what forum it’s in. In any case, we continue to have new users who make posts that are difficult to respond to, that include screenshots instead of text, etc.

My suggestion: figure out a way to push those tips onto new users - either by sending an automatic private message to them when they sign up, or sending it to their email address, or something else.

Alternatively/additionally, make that pinned post appear front and center on all usage/first steps screens.


Just so you have it: Please read: make it easier to help you - #11 (typing “PSA” in the search box brings it up as first suggestion, so that’s all you have to remember if you’re looking for it!)