Lualatex in JuliaHub

The use of PGFplotsX.jl requires the installation of Lualatex according to the documentation. It is not really obvious for all to understand how to install it in the Juliahub or even if it is possible. An answer here may be useful for some. The use of PGFplot is very interesting for the display of quality graphs, but it requires a lot of computing time when the curves have a large number of points, the use of JuliaHub could be very useful in this respect.


We’ll consider making this avaiable by default, but it’s not an easy decision. The trouble is that a full TeXLive distribution takes over a gigabyte. That pretty much doubles the size of the disk image, with consequent impact on latency every time it’s pulled from the container registry.

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Perhaps TinyTeX would be a solution? That’s what I use locally, and I’m a fan.

Yes, TinyTeX could indeed be a solution. Another alternative could be Tectonic. What we need to figure out is how either of these solutions composes with the rest of the TeX ecosystem.


TinyTeX, AFAIU, is a thin wrapper over TeX Live. So I would guess there aren’t many idiosyncrasies to worry about. Tectonic seems like it could give you some problems by virtue of being XeTeX-based rather than LuaTeX.