PGFPlotsX.jl Tex Capacity Exceeded


I did a complex 3d chart in PGFPlotsX.jl. I tried to use it within a figure environment in latex, by including the .tikz version of the chart with


However, I keep getting an error message saying TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [main memory size=5000000]. How can I limit the memory requirements? I understand that I can save the chart in pdf or png and import it, but I would lose internal consistency with other PGFPlotsX charts that work fine within the paper.


Try reading the answers here:

Someone also suggested lualatex, because it will expand memory need dynamically (according to them).

This question is more LaTeX specific than Julia specific, since it seems like PGFPlotsX,jl is producing what you want, but the rendering of it in LaTeX is not happening as you wish - my point with this is that if you know someone who uses LaTeX a lot perhaps they can help you out better.

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Thanks. I have seen that. However, all my settings are in XeTeX and I would prefer working only on those specific to the chart, if possible.

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Have you tried running it in lualatex? What is specific about xelatex that can’t be done in lualatex?