Looking for technical reviewer for my upcoming Julia book

Yeah, I would at least get rid of the minor version number. If you do decide to keep the major version number, I would recommend spelling out the word “version”, as that seems more official and appropriate for a book title, but of course that’s up to you.

The naming is Packt’s call. I forwarded them these concerns, but they’re keen on “1.0”, possibly “1.x”. No “v” or “version”. So it will be one of “Julia 1.0 by example” or “Julia 1.x by example”.

Same here! Class starting end of January and I’d love to have something like that book. Private message for me as well? Thanks!

Hey! Have been programming with Julia for years and would love to get more involved in beneficial community work like this, please give more information.

Hi everybody! Thank you very much for offering to review the book and also for your feedback, suggestions, and support! The team at Packt notified me that they’ve now picked a technical editor, one of the awesome Julians that followed up on this thread. :beers:

Is the plan to keep the book open source on some public GitHub repo (for maintenance / contributions from other Julia users and devs) or does the contract with the editor imply that it should be kept private?