Location of juliarc.jl file

Based on this, from the Plots.jl docs


I was wondering where the juliarc.jl file is located.

I am starting to suspect that I actually want to make changes in the startup.jl-file, but I would also be surprised if the docs has been outdated since Update docs with new startup.jl file and location · Issue #26215 · JuliaLang/julia (github.com)… If that is the case, would I just define the ENV["PLOTS_DEFAULT_BACKEND"] in my startup folder (And make a PR to change the docs of Plots.jl) ?


Alright. But should the default backend, and plotting defaults, be defined in the users/myuser/.julia/config/startup.jl file, or the startup.jl associated with the installation (The one in the appdata-folder)?

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