Startup.jl file - Windows 10 JuliaPro


Apologies, I appreciate this is a really basic question. Not a great start as I’m new to Julia.

I’m struggling to find where my startup.jl file should be. I’ve installed Julia pro for a complete IDE and am on Windows 10. I’ve tried placing it under c:\users\USERNAME.julia\config\startup.jl. I’ve also tried under the .juliapro directory, neither had any impact.

I have now edited, C:\JuliaPro-\Julia-1.0.2\etc\julia\startup file, which does appear to work, but get the feeling this isn’t the right place (it does say Juliapro will overwrite it on each launch).

I basically just want OhMyRepl and Revise to be included each time i launch Julia.

Thanks in advance.


My startup.jl is in C:\Users\USERNAME\.julia\config\startup.jl (although this is not Pro, just a standard installation).