Where to find this charmming start.jl file from my julia installation path?

Hi. I was trying to locate this start.jl file. From software Atom, after clicking Julia pane, and then open julia home, I got this .julia location

Then, I tried open startup file pane, and nothing happened.

I search through this location and did not find any start.jl file… Sigh. This really confuses me.

I tried to search through the internet, and managed to find this start.jl file in the julia installation path. Still, it is really confusing.

Any comments are greatly appreciated.

~$ find ~ -iname startup.jl

I’m not really sure what you mean but if you mean the startup.jl file that runs automatically when julia starts you should put in in .julia/config. (create the folder if it doesn’t exist).

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Searched this startup.jl file, and it looks like I do not have this .julia/config folder… So I can create the folder and copy startup.jl file from I guess, this



Why do you want to copy another startup file? It’s just a normal julia file, just put what you want in it.

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I see. I did copy, and it is an empty file indeed…