Locally solved status with Gurobi

I am solving some LPs using Gurobi and the interior point method and without crossover. I notice that it returns the solution to be suboptimal and terminates with status LOCALLY_SOLVED, which, according to documentation, means the solver found a locally optimal solution (which may also be globally optimal, but it could not prove so). Why is Gurobi unable to prove optimality (being a global solver)? Note that it doesn’t hit the time limit. I am probably missing something trivial here, but any help is appreciated. Optimization problems are part of the subproblems in an algorithm, so I am unable to provide a MWE here. Thanks!

We’re just working on a change for this:

But I haven’t made a new release yet.

LOCALLY_SOLVED maps to Gurobi’s SUBOPTIMAL status:

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Sounds good. Thanks!

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