Linking solver binaries with models (JuMP)



I have binaries of solvers in a particular directory of my linux systems. Now I want to solve my JuMP model using those binaries. How do I do that?


To use a solver with JuMP the binary needs to be wrapped. Most of the common solvers have so you can just go

using Gurobi
m = Model(solver=GurobiSolver())

You can see a list of wrapped solvers in the table at the bottom of


Can this be done without the Pkg.add() command?


What is the solver you have in mind ?


I am hoping to get a way to link all the optimisation solvers like Ipopt, Bonmin, Cbc, Clp, GLPK etc.


The available solvers are listed here: As @odow says, you to use a solver in Julia, you need to install the corresponding package. By doing Pkg.add("Gurobi") for Gurobi, , Pkg.add("Ipopt") for Ipopt, …
Then to use it with JuMP, you need to do

using Ipopt
using JuMP
m = Model(solver=IpoptSolver())

Why do you want to find a way that doesn’t use Pkg.add() ?


Well, there are certain restrictions on me to use the Pkg.add() command. I cannot run the command.
Also, does the"Ipopt") check for installed Ipopt solver? If thats the case then I can install the solver and then run the build after downloading the source code of Ipopt package.


If you download Ipopt.jl manually, e.g. by clicking on “Clone or download zip” here. Then if it is on /path/to/Ipopt, you can do

julia> push!(LOAD_PATH, "/path/to")
julia> using Ipopt