Julia+Juno with Gurobi

I am using Julio Pro with Juno and I have a program to calculate economic dispatch with Gurobi Solver.
I write Pkg.built(“Gurobi”) and Pkg.add(“Gurobi”) and the program do that.
The program compile but don´t show the results of dispatch.

Help me please

You’ll need to be a bit more specific to get a useful response.

When you say that it “don’t show the results of dispatch”, what do you mean? If everything is on default settings, you should see a Gurobi log printed to stdout while it’s running, but you’ll only see the solution if you display it somehow. Typically with JuMP you can get the solution by using getvalue on the variables.

Thank you for your answer.
I am using Gurobi, so mi model is
ed=Model(solver=GurobiSolver(Presolve=0)) and now the error is:
UndefVarError:Model no defined

Can you help me please?

It sounds like you simply haven’t imported JuMP.

In Julia, the primary tool for formulating constrained optimization problems is called JuMP.jl. It is able to provide problem formulation to many optimization back-ends including Gurobi. Typically if you are doing a constrained, convex optimization problem of the type Gurobi can handle, you’d start out by doing using JuMP, Gurobi. The JuMP documentation can be found here. Various examples can be found here.