Linear Quadratic Integrator

The ControlSystems package seems to provide a lqr function for the LQR problem. I was wondering whether there was any plans to provide the lqi function for the Linear Quadratic Integrator problem. - e.g. Scilab or MATLAB

See Integral action · JuliaSimControl
and the tutorials linked from within.

Thanks! It would be great if there was an equivalent/similar function. Can it be considered a feature request?

Matlab has a lot of lqXXX functions that are all similar but subtly different and are generally quite confusing, e.g., what is the difference between lqrd and dlqr? I have opted to provide the building blocks for users to put together what they need, rather than introducing the same large number of confusing functions. You can use the functions listed under model augmentation to form the augmented statespace system required. If the exact formulation you need is not there, I prefer to add features to the model augmentation rather than adding a special-purpose lqr method.