Linear Acoustics/Elasticity in Julia?

Hello. Are there any packages suitable for acoustic modelling in Julia? My problem (roughly) consists of a number of transducers transmitting inside a (finite) cylindrical shell and I’d like to compute the sound field. As a first approximation the cylinder can be considered rigid but it would eventually need to be modelled as elastic as the radiated field is also of interest. FEM or FDTD techniques might be applicable. Any advice on available packages would be gratefully received.

There was an engineer from Amplivox on the forum at one time. I forget his name…
SO definitely you can do audio modelling in Julia.

Thanks. This is in water but the principle’s much the same.

FinEtools + application packages. FEM.

That looks interesting - thanks!


Thanks - I may be wrong but I think that’s mostly raytracing and long-range propagation? My problem is on a scale comparable to a wavelength.

Have you looked at Ferrite.jl and Gridap.jl?

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No, thanks for pointing them out. They look a bit more general purpose than I was hoping for but could be useful.