Learning Data Science in Julia for fesher

I am a Power Engineer who is interested to change his field. I am interested to be aData Scientist. I am new to programming and after reading about different programming languages I have preferred Julia over other in which I want to learn Data analysis.
However, it been a little difficult for me to find the right path. Like what I should learn first and what I should learn later. Can someone guide me? and suggest some free material which I an utilize to learn?

If you want to be a Data Analyst (Scientist may be too far away, don’t know your background) as a profession (earning your living costs) you should start with R. I think Julia is still not widespread enough. But of course, you will learn more and better if you start with R and do Julia in parallel. This will give insights about general differences between languages which would be very valuable.


If you want free materials on Julia checkout Julia Academy. It is the official website to find courses on Julia from some of the key contributors in Julia Community.


If you work professionally as a data scientist, you will likely encounter Julia, R, and Python at some point, so it’s good to be familiar with each of them. Python and R are currently much more widely used in data science than Julia is, but perhaps that will change someday. Python is the language that is most valuable on the resume of an aspiring data scientist, so if you were to pick only one language to learn, Python might be the best choice. But of course, as @oheil mentioned, learning multiple languages is a good idea.

Think Julia is both an introduction to programming and an introduction to programming in Julia. It is based on the Think Python book that came before it. Both of those books would be good resources for a beginning data scientist.

Advanced R is a good resource for learning R, though it assumes that you already have some experience with programming.