[Suggestion Requested] New to Python & Data Science. Learn Julia instead?

I have started learning python last month to start a career in data science this year. Seeing the features in julia, i think i should start with Julia. But availability of jobs for julia users seems to be pretty lower. should i continue python ?

Julia is great but it is little known and the package ecosystem is still young. So, I would say, learn fundamentals of Python and its data science ecosystem first. It has a large user community and many established libraries to help you get standard things done quickly. It is also what is listed in most job offers and what your potential colleagues and employers know.
Once you are up and running with Python (i.e., able to solve usual data science tasks in a reasonable amount of time), then learn Julia. It really has many benefits over Python and is hopefully the future in this field.


For a “career in data science” it cannot harm to have a look at R either (in addition to Python).


Thanks @ValdarT … that’s what i thought… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion @swissr… I am focusing in Python now and thereafter on julia for sure. R will be definitely on my list though :slight_smile:

True - best not to be a language bigot, and at least learn the other ones important in your field well enough to be able to read / understand them, so you can then rewrite the code in much faster Julia :wink:
Also, you’ll know what good packages in Python or R can be utilized via PyCall or RCall, if a comparible one isn’t available yet for Julia.


I agree that Python and/or R should be the targets for someone focused on getting a job in the near future, but Julia has made impressive improvements in the data science related areas in the last year or so. Once a stable version 1.0 is out, I expect the rhythm of consolidation in these areas to really accelerate.


I have always found that trying to follow the path of everyone else is always a harder path to success. Instead, just pick something that is useful and that you want to do well, and do it well. Try to stay away from the biggest hype and fad, but learn the reason why it’s hyped without going overboard. It’s useful to master a few languages to do this, but if you are enough of a domain expert then people will talk to you in whatever language you speak.


great advise @ChrisRackauckas :slight_smile:

Absolutely agree with you @ScottPJones . thanks :slight_smile:

What’s implicit in this statement is that Julia isn’t hype? :rofl:

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