LCOV -> Cobertura format conversion

Hi all, I’ve been trying to figure how to show coverage results on a GitLab hosted project generated using Coverage.jl.

I found that LocalCoverage.jl provides a way to convert the LCOV file to a Cobertura XML file readable by GitLab, but through the lcov-cobertura python package.

I was not very fond of that solution so I took it on myself to write an naive equivalent in julia based on EzXML.jl, Dates (for the timestamp) and OrderedCollections.jl

I managed to obtain quite equivalent results (again with a naive approach) except one thing.
I could not add a DOCTYPE node to my XML file. it seems the type exists in EzXML but there does not seem to be any constructor available, see Constructors - EzXML. Is it so or did I miss something (I am very new to using XML).

The end goal is either to make a package out of it, or more likely if the maintainers are open to this, to merge this bit of code into LocalCoverage, see this proposal.


As I said in the issue, a PR is welcome.

Ok forget about my question document type definition is referred to as DTD I overlooked that tiny little detail, my bad ! One should always read the first line !