Code coverage with Coverage.jl in vscode

I followed the “tutorial” on GitHub - JuliaCI/Coverage.jl: Take Julia code coverage and memory allocation results, do useful things with them

I manage to create .cov files for my local package as well as an lcov file after running the command LCOV.write("", coverage)

Is there a way to display the report in a nice way in vscode under windows?

I have tried Coverage Gutters but it does not seem to be working. I probably don’t use it correctly…

Is there a way to render the lcov file nicely in vscode?

Thank you

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Hey there,

Not sure if you solved your issue or not but I recently decided to do the same thing as I had codecov setup but didn’t want to have to push to github and wait for tests to run to see my code coverage, and I managed to get this working using Coverage.jl to produce a file and use Coverage Gutters extension with it. I noticed that for Coverage Gutters the default file it looks for is “”, so change the .info file name (call LCOV.write(“”, coverage)) if you haven’t already.

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