Latest version of docs not published (github actions/TagBot)

Sure. I am now taking care of the baby, but tell me what I need to do and I will do it ASAP.

(Yet I have reset the keys already today, I hope that my case is still usefu)

If the keys were reset in the last hour (since this run), it may not help, but either way might as well try.

Thanks again :slight_smile: (the rest of this is being figured out over PM)

Thank you all again. The problem is now solved. Part of the problem was that some line breaks were copied to the secret incorrectly. For now we must be careful with that. Resetting the keys with that in mind worked, after creating a new tag with a meta-data (+doc1), and publishing the corresponding release. I updated the solution above with those details, for future reference.

Yowza! A bullet I dodged!

Yeah, this was super annoying for a long time. It’s fixed now though, you can put whatever garbage whitespace you’d like into your keys :slight_smile: