Showing whole threads instead of a small part of it?

When you want to view a long thread here at julia discourse only a small section of the thread is shown at every moment, and that section changes as you scroll down or up the page.
Sometimes I use the ctrl+F function on my web browser to search something on the page but it’s not able to find it because the whole page is not displayed at that moment, I need to alternate the scrolling down action and searching on the section many times.

Is there any way to change the settings or force julia discourse to show all the thread simultaneously or at least increase the length of text shown as much as possible or hack something on the browser?

I’m using Chrome but it’s a common issue.

I know the first time you try to search something julia discourse pops up a small search window to search across the whole site, but this is another story.

The dialog that pops up from the search button (the little magnifying glass) has a “search this topic” checkbox.

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Yeah, this is unfortunately a limitation of the Discourse software we use.

One work-around: print the page and it’ll open a new window with the entire content (and less javascript-y styling in general).


This sounds good. But when I printed in Chrome, the resulting document shown in the dialogue is not searchable. What exactly did you have in mind? To print in PDF and search there?

Hm, seems to depend on how you do it and how the Javascript works — but on my Mac when I hit command-p, it brings up a new window and then the print pane is for that popup. Cancel the print dialog and the popup remains. I’d guess control-p would work similarly on Windows. It doesn’t work if I use the menu item.

(Given that they have this view, it sure would be nice if they would show it if Javascript is disabled entirely or some such.)


ctrl-p works! Nice.