Jupyter in Julia Pro

Previous versions of Julia Pro shipped with launchers for three applications to use Julia: the REPL, Juno and Jupyter. Version starts Juno by default.

It is more or less easy to find the folder where Julia lives and launch the REPL manually (and nevertheless, the command window of Juno is basically the same as the REPL, although it takes a bit more time to start.) But I cannot find such an easy way to start Jupyter. Is it not pre-packaged anymore, and should I install the IJulia package?

Here is what I did in a Windows 10 environment.

I followed the installation directions at the github page for IJulia
After that I entered the following in the Julia REPL (in Juno)

julia> using IJulia
julia> notebook(dir="C:/path/to/notebooks/directory", detached=true)
Process(setenv(`'C:\JuliaPro-\pkgs-\packages\Conda\whatever\deps\usr\python.exe' ....

I then created a text file “jupyter.bat”, added the following line, and saved the file.
Note that instead of python.exe I point to jupyter-notebook.exe

C:\JuliaPro-\pkgs-\packages\Conda\whatever\deps\usr\Scripts\jupyter-notebook.exe "C:\path\to\notebooks\directory"

For convenience I also created a shortcut to that .bat file.
I launch Jupyter by clicking on that shortcut instead of using the Julia REPL.