Juno -- start-up directory?

Probably a stupid questions… but where do I set the start-up directory of REPL in Juno?

The default start-up directory appears in the top of the Juno window… but where can I change it? Probably, the ideal would be that it starts in the directory REPL was set to the last time I used it.

Juno starts Julia in the topmost Atom project – you change the order by dragging another one there. See also


I think I’ll add an option for persisting the working dir.

Thanks. Quick answer :-).

Implemented with

That was quick. How do I set this option?

Open settings via Command-J + Command-, or the Juno > Settings menu. Expand “> Julia Options”. Scroll down to “Persist Working Directory”, check the box, and enter “/Users/x/.julia/dev” or some such into the “Working Directory” field.

(Checking Persist Working Directory only without filling Working Directory does not appear to have any effect. It does not start a new Julia session where the last one ended.)

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