Juno keyboard shortcuts vs debugger

Now that the debugger has F10 (to run an expression), I am missing something similar for the inline evaluation in Juno.

The Ctrl-Enter in Juno is cool but also somewhat confusing: outside blocks it runs the current expression, otherwise the whole block (eg. everything inside if ...end). Highlighting and then Ctrl-Enter works for stepping expression by expression, but that is cumbersome.

I guess I miss the old Shift-Enter. Is it still around?

I have the following lines in my keymap.cson do define some shortcuts for the debugger

'atom-text-editor[data-grammar="source julia"]':
  'f8': 'julia-debug:step-to-selected-line'
  'f9': 'julia-debug:step-to-next-line'
  'f10': 'julia-debug:step-to-next-expression'
  'f11': 'julia-debug:step-into-function'
  'f12': 'julia-debug:finish-function'
  'f5': 'julia-debug:continue'