Juno doesn't produce plots


I ran a Julia code in Juno by having the file opened and pressing the run button on the left and I expected to see a few figures in the plot window. However, no figures shows up at the plot window. The figures turn up only when I copy and paste the plotting block of the code in the console and enter. Is there anything that I am missing? Thanks!!


Thats the same as in any script you’d call via julia foo.jl – no output will be displayed unless you explicitly request it. display()ing your plot inside of the script should work though.

Also, for reference:


Thanks for the answer. What is julia foo.jl?

Is the following the correct use of display()? I mean, by using the handle of figures.

h = plot(...)


julia foo.jl is the command line invocation for executing the script foo.jl. Also, yes, your use of display is correct.


Oh, I see.

Thanks for the confirmation!!