JuMPER using solver(Clp,GLPK)

I have installed JuMPER with specified Julia(1.0) and JuMP(0.18) and i want to try the example code, but failed to add a solver for the model. Here is my code and reported error:

I am wondering if it is feasible to import a solver for the JuMPER model, as it seems that I cannot add an LP solver in this environment.

Note that the last update of JuMPeR was 5 years ago, so I wouldn’t be surprised that things start to break. I don’t know if there is a maintained alternative for robust optimization though, will let Oscar weigh in


I would be very supportive and willing to contribute (if I could) if someone develops new robust optimization alternatives.

There is also InfiniteOpt for infinite-dimensional problems. I don’t think it has been designed specifically for robust optimization, but the problem from the example can be solved:

using JuMP, InfiniteOpt, Clp

model = InfiniteModel(Clp.Optimizer)
@variable(model, x[1:2] >= 0)

@infinite_parameter(model, z1 in [0.3, 0.5])
@infinite_parameter(model, z2 in [0.0, 2.0])


Hi @jackfr0st11, welcome to the forum.

I won’t encourage you to use JuMPER; as others have said, it isn’t maintained, and supports only old versions of JuMP and Julia. This will make it impossible to use with newer versions of solvers like Gurobi, and you’ll need to refer to old versions of the JuMP documentation.

But for this specific error, I think you’ll need Clp v0.7 or earlier. Try ] add JuMPER JuMP@0.18 Clp@0.7

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