JuMPeR and Grisu

Hello! I am very new to Julia and I just downloaded it today!

I’m trying to use JuMPeR for robust optimization cases. But JuMPeR requires Grisu which i understand it no longer used. So I found the work around but it doesn’t seem to be working:

using Pkg


if isdefined(Base, :Grisu)
import Base.Grisu
import Grisu

using JuMPeR

Am i using this incorrectly? Please let me know.

Welcome to the julia discourse!

i think that the package is too old to be used with recent versions of julia. one signal is that the package’s repo does not have a project.toml file.

Yes, this package would need some work to be updated to JuMP v0.19 as well since we made the transition from MathProgBase to MathOptInterface

Hello! Thank you for your time! So is there no way to use this package? Would a downgrade to my Julia Version be the only way forward?

If the line “if isdefined” isn’t useful then why is it the “solution” to this problem? Or is this only for older versions of Julia?

Hello! Thank you for your time aswell! :slight_smile: So if I downgrade Julia would it work?

Glad you’re trying out Julia! Just to be clear, JuMPeR is unmaintained and unsupported. You will undoubtedly have a bad experience getting it to work and dealing with compatibility issues. That said, you can try installing Julia 1.0 with JuMP 0.18.

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Ok That works thanks! Would you know if there are any supported and maintained robust optimization Julia libraries? All the ones I find seem to be no longer supported.

Maybe you can use InfiniteOpt? As far as I know it doesn’t provide solvers, but still, it allows setting up infinite dimensional problems in JuMP.

I think the best (and most tractable) way to tackle robust optimization problems is to formulate their robust counterpart, and to solve the latter with your favorite appropriate solver. This approach is (as far as I know) the state-of-the-art.

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