JuMP 0.19 installed by default


setting up my julia environnement from a Jupyter notebook (Julia 1.0.2)
I get JuMP 0.19 when using
while 0.20 is presented as stable and compatible with Julia 1.0. Can someone tell me if it is normal ?

You probably have one of the solver that have not yet been ported to MOI v0.9: https://github.com/JuliaOpt/MathOptInterface.jl/issues/736

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Indeed, it was Clp in my case. I suggested a small edit in the documentation.

That is not expected: Gurobi is supposed to support JuMP 0.20. Could you return the output of?

julia> Pkg.status()

Sorry I meant Clp. Gurobi is working fine.

I cannot install CLP alongside JuMP@0.19.

Yes, Clp is not yet supported by JuMP 0.20, as this version of JuMP drops the intermediate wrapper LinQuadOptInterface. @mtanneau is currently rewriting the Clp wrapper.

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