JuMP: Good first issue

Hey, I am new in the jump community and wanted to learn more about it due to various applications for my phd research. I have some developer experience in cvxpy and happy to learn more! Here I wanted to ask if there are some good first issues I can work on.

Best, Paul

As you learn about it, a great first step (for any package) is to keep note of which parts of the documentation are incomplete or confusing, and ideally submit PRs with improvements. This is even marked as a “good first issue” in the JuMP.jl repository: Suggestions for documentation improvements · Issue #2348 · jump-dev/JuMP.jl · GitHub


Hi @Paulnkk, welcome to the forum (and JuMP).

I don’t know if we have many “good first issues” that code related. The best help would be if you documented your learning process and all the bits that confused you. We don’t have any material for users transitioning from other languages, so perhaps some sort of “cvxpy to JuMP” cheatsheet would be useful?

To give the lay of the land, JuMP is a little different to cvxpy, in that we have a few scattered repositories instead of one big one.


Hi @odow and @stevengj, thanks a lot for the suggestions! I will start taking a look into the documentation, the solver interfaces and raise a PR if I find improvements :smiley:

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