JuMP-dev 2021: that's a wrap

Dear all,

That’s a wrap for JuMP-dev 2021!

I want to start by thanking the JuliaCon organizing committee for helping us co-locate JuMP-dev at JuliaCon. They went over and beyond to accommodate us and make the interaction seamless.

I also want to thank all the 32 (!) speakers for producing 3 days of excellent content. I think the talks are a great example of the variety of ways in which people are using JuMP to do cool things.

If you missed any of the talks, you can find them on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP8iPy9hna6Rf8_oh9oR2bNeBO-Rw8pzc

If you watched the talks (live, or after the fact), you can help us by filling in the following survey so we can make the next JuMP-dev even better:



Just re-upping this thread with a reminder that if you’ve watched talks as part of the JuMP-dev track, please help us by filling in this survey so we can keep improving next time around!

We’re particularly interested to hear thoughts on how we should link JuliaCon and JuMP-dev in future years.