JuliaUserGroupMunich: Extra - Best of JuliaCon (online)

Join me online :spiral_calendar: Monday 4. September 2023 :clock630: 18:30 CEST
organized via meetup

Extra: Best of JuliaCon (online)

Hi there,

JuliaCon is over and hundreds of talks took place. I will summarize my personal best-of for you.

  • my personal summary about the state of Julia itself
  • my favorite new packages
  • other news/updates worth mentioning

See you online at the usual time. The link will be shared 10 minutes ahead, please join 5 minutes ahead to be able to start on time.


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Here the link to the meetup - we already start in about 10 minutes

recording is ready and uploaded to youtube. enjoy
(a link to the material can be found in the youtube description)

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