Juliaup gets stuck at v1.6.12 for MacOS

When I use brew to upgrade juliaup version, it shows

$ brew upgrade juliaup
Warning: juliaup 1.6.12 already installed

For 1.6.12, I only get 1.8-rc3, neither 1.8-rc4 nor the 1.8 release. Do I have to upgrade juliaup to have those? I get a bit confused about juliaup. If I have to upgrade juliaup before I can get the new release of julia. What is the point of using juliaup?

This might become fixed in juliaup at some point in time. For now, just use GitHub - johnnychen94/jill.py: A cross-platform installer for the Julia programming language

I would try the brew upgrade juliaup again, it takes a little while until new Juliaup versions make it through to brew. I think at this point it should be there.

Or if you install Juliaup with the standalone script (curl -fsSL https://install.julialang.org | sh) then you can cut out any delays that the brew publishing of new versions has.


perhaps means WEEKS? It is tooooooooooo long.

brew has a self update command brew update. Can juliaup have the same? Since update is used, maybe juliaup selfupdate?

When you install Juliaup from brew, then brew handles updates of Juliaup, and things are out of our control.

If you install Juliaup via the standalone command I posted above, then Juliaup will update itself on a regular schedule, and you can also trigger these self updates at any time via juliaup self update.

So, if the brew update cycles are too slow for you, then don’t install it via brew but use the standalone installer instead.

I’m also working on some other features that will make Juliaup updates less necessary, but you’ll have to wait still a bit for that.


Thanks for clarification. Then I think the README.md of juliaup should be updated to reflect this important point for Mac and Linux. I can’t figure out how to auto update juliaup itself by reading the juliaup README. So I have gone through all posts in the discourse related to juliaup, and those posts and replies give me the impression that juliaup can only self update in Windows. I think the README should expcilitly state that for Mac and Linux, juliaup can only update itself if you install by scripts but not by brew.

Even better, a tutorial on the basic workflow (or best practice) of juliaup is provided in the README for Windows, Mac and Linux. Maybe

For Mac and Linux

Installation (recommeded)

$ curl -fsSL https://install.julialang.org | sh

Daily use

$ juliaup self update
$ juliaup update
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Yeah, we should probably de-emphasize the brew option for now, the standalone version is probably a better choice at the moment.

Yes, I hope to write proper documentation soon, but I’ll probably wait until I’m done adding this other feature that really makes this entire point we are discussing here moot because then Juliaup will know about new Julia versions without a self update.

The idea is definitely not that regular users execute these commands every day! The idea is that most users never think about juliaup at all, and whenever a new Julia version is released, they are just prompted to run juliaup update to get it.

I am giving up juliaup. It is not yet ready at least for my Mac.

I tried

$curl -fsSL https://install.julialang.org | sh
info: downloading installer
curl: (35) OpenSSL SSL_connect: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL in connection to julialang-s3.julialang.org:443
juliaup: command failed: downloader https://julialang-s3.julialang.org/juliaup/bin/juliainstaller-1.7.22-x86_64-apple-darwin /var/folders/49/vv1vdsyj4_9g74lfystrkb2w0000gn/T/tmp.L3HE3aRo/juliainstaller x86_64-apple-darwin

@liuyxpp Hm, that is strange. The first thing that happens when you run

curl -fsSL https://install.julialang.org | sh

is that it downloads a very short shell script, and that shell script then spawns curl to download the actual installer binary from https://julialang-s3.julialang.org/juliaup/bin/juliainstaller-1.7.22-x86_64-apple-darwin. What is happening on your system is that curl for some reason errors when it tries to download that last file.

Are you behind some kind of corporate firewall or proxy server? Or an unreliable internet connection? I googled around for this particular error message a bit, and I only found reports that this error appears if there is something incorrectly configured or setup related to that kind of stuff…

Could you try and see whether you can download the file manually from the link in this post?

While it doesn’t help you, I’m using juliaup for months now on different systems including Mac OS (both Intel and M1) and pretty much only had a great experience. So I don’t agree with your “it’s not ready yet” and would encourage you to not give up :slight_smile: