JuliaSim - Simulating Reality (upcoming product by Julia Computing)

JuliaSim: Simulating Reality

Coming soon: JuliaSim is a next generation cloud-based simulation platform, combining the latest techniques in SciML with equation-based digital twin modeling and simulation. Surrogatize your models, use pre-accelerated models from the thousands available in the Model Store, generate digital twins from data, and more.

Bringing Julia to Industrial Scale Modeling and Simulation

JuliaSim allows you to directly import models from its Model Store into your Julia environment, making it easy to build large complex simulations. Pre-trained machine learning models leveraging SciML are seamlessly integrated into the engineer’s workflow, saving both model development and simulation time. Design your physical product right and reduce iterations by creating high-fidelity designs, automatically transforming them into accelerated versions, and searching through vast parameter spaces.

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More details to be announced at JuliaCon.


This will be proprietary I guess?


As mentioned elsewhere, JuliaSim is a cloud computing product, and its curated model library will not be FOSS. However, it is built using a lot of open source tools, and this tooling (ModelingToolkit.jl, Symbolics.jl, etc.) will continue to be open source. This includes a lot of model importers. For example, CellMLToolkit.jl, the work going on with SBML readers, etc. will continue to be available. And then there’s a bunch of domain-specific academic component libraries in power systems, neuroscience models, etc. which are being built as open source.

With these tools we are scouring all of the academic and industry work we can find to generate a model library where everything is already converted to documented Julia packages and a distribution network for handling the thousands of models, along with pre-trained machine learning accelerated versions of the models. That is JuliaSim, and of course that then becomes of a product given the compute and manpower required to maintain such a library, and hopefully that provides a value to the industry users who tend to be most in need of the pre-made models.

That said, this does not preclude other standard libraries popping up, even in SciML, for specific domains and uses and all of that. In fact, we encourage the larger community to keep building open tools around the open tools.


what kind of components are supported in JuliaSim?
In particular, is there support for thermal/fluid components?


A detailed list of modules should come out very soon (like, very very soon :wink: )