Julia's machine learning based on the PyCall mechanism

As we all know, there are many Python machine learning resources freely available online.Thus I have researched how to easily use Python libraries with Julia.
Here are some examples to explain the correct Calling Pose for the PyCall.
For example, Scikit-learn is a simple and effective tool for data mining and analysis.

Ha, if type PyObject has no field, you can see PyCall question
such as,

in sklearn.
In addition, thanks to June for his unselfish help at the juliacn,
For the moment , PyCall could make up for the imperfect Julia Machine Learning library.

Julia has a Scikit-Learn port (currently not yet updated for Julia 0.7/1.0): https://github.com/cstjean/ScikitLearn.jl


I am using scikitlearn on Julia 0.7 and windows 10. It works.