JuliaInXL where is the installer?

where is the windows installer?

It looks like it was part of JuliaPro, which has been retired as a project. This Github README has instructions for installation and usage of JuliaInXL. But there hasn’t been much maintanence of the code on the Julia package side or the Excel plugin side, so it’s quite possible that it doesn’t work anymore.

There are several other threads here asking about JuliaInXL’s current fate: 1 2 3 4 but none of them have been answered, so it seems highly likely this is an abandoned project which shouldn’t be relied upon.

I always thought JuliaInExcel was proprietary, so I never looked into it (nor do I really need to). But I see it’s MIT, also in a subdirectory I see commit from 3 days ago “Remove proprietary JuliaPro license.”

@viralbshah do you know what the status is?

It was a paid for extra, then moved to a free component of JuliaPro.
I tried using it a few years back with no success.

JuliaExcel allows you to call Julia functions from excel.
as far as I know its the only working package that does.