JuliaInXL in Excel

I have JuliaPro and I just installed the JuliaInXL package and before I got this: ** incremental compilation may be broken for this module **. Then I stop outputting that and when I want to use the package I can’t see the tab in julia’s excel

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Hello, can you please provide following information, this would help us in finding the root cause

  1. Version of JuliaPro that you’re using
  2. Version of Windows operating system
  3. Version of Microsoft Excel
  4. Complete error message that you’re encountering
  5. Did you encounter any error while running the JuliaInXL installer? If yes, please share a screenshot of the error message.
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I have the same problem aswell. Can you help me?

When I try to add JuliaInXL package through Julia
Screenshot - 8_1_2020 , 12_54_24 PM

Please help me

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Through JuliaPro

I’m using Office Excel and i have the current stable version of Julia with Windows 8.1

Current stable version

Problem solved!
I used the method

and then there have one difference in my computer, I have two name of files like “.julia”,".juliaXXX".
Final step is the way merged all of two files.
pkg.add(“JuliaInXL”) will be OK to run in the Atom.